Dom Brown is a mixed black, queer artist currently residing in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Dom’s research centers blackness, queerness, world building, afro-futurism, moshing, community, solidarity, and shaking frames. Dom is planning to graduate from The University of The Arts in the spring of 2021. 


Artist Statement

I’m thinking about movement, I'm thinking about how I/we are moving. I'm asking myself, how do we move? We will jump, mosh, cry, celebrate, feel, freestyle, run, laugh, live our dreams, work, cypher, be fly, drip, build, organize, shake, headbang, be soft, be strong, queer, scream, make revolution, be seen, be heard. We will do this all together.

​This work is about organizing, I want to bring everyone together to create a world of solidarity. In this world, we are all moving as one. We will create a world where we can exist and be queer and be free. I'm thinking about what moshing has to do with community. How can we use our anger to build? How can this be done as a group? How are we going to hold each other accountable? How do we care for each other? Where does joy come in? How can we use joy as our protest? I'm building a dream world where solidarity is the goal. I'm building a world where we can dream. I'm building a world where people can dream. I'm building a world where we can love each other. I'm building an afro-futuristic world. I'm building a sanctuary. I'm building a world where the American dream is a black dream. I'm building a world where people see, and hear  each other. I'm building a world where we can be heard. I'm building a world that is attainable. 

I think these questions, and words are important in order for the work to survive. Im thinking about a quote from “Ghost Of” by Diana Khoi Nguyen ,“The solitary bee struggles to fly." In this book I'm really interested in the way she's holding space for others who have passed, or can no longer hold space for themselves.   I'm researching artists that I feel are building new frames for blackness, and queerness. I'm really interested in Solange, because of her use of portraiture. She is using these portraits she is building to change the way viewers see blackness. Cheyenne Kimora is another artist that I’m looking at. She is a designer, she works with crystals and different fabrics. She has made crystal du-rags, denim shorts, jackets, pants, etc. I am interested in the way she is dripping, I feel like  she is framing flyness in a new way. I am really interested in the way that she is giving glamour to blackness. I am interested in how she  takes beauty, and luxury and gives it to blackness.

In order for the work to survive I need other people present in some form. There must be some type of community at all times for group movement to happen. Performance will not require a certain amount of performers, as long as spectators are active as well. This is where solidarity comes into play, everyone on all sides must be held accountable in order for solidarity to be possible. We all have to hold space for each other, and hold each other to create the environmental safety needed to execute this work.